Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Week of Memories

   This a repeat of a story I post on another blog, wanted to share it here too.

  Mr. Bruce did a lot of remembering last week as we stayed glued to the TV to watch the news from Joplin, MO. Bruce grew up there and his Mom and step-dad lived there for many years. In fact Bruce even considered moving back there for his retirement years. It is his hometown. 
     As the giant tornado crossed Joplin, it took lives, injured hundreds, destroyed building after building, and changed people in the area forever. The outpouring of aid and people volunteering to help is the most remarkable thing I personally have ever heard. 
    Naturally, Bruce knows the area very well that was destroyed. He spent the week telling me stories as he remembers his youth. It was 60 years ago since he went to school and church there, yet in his mind it was still his grade school, his high school, and his town going through this crises. We do know people who live in Joplin, and are very thankful all are OK.
   Of course, we had our moments of humor throughout the week. Many actually, stress relief perhaps but mainly just our nature. I silently pledged to be extra sweet to Mr. Bruce for a week, spend time with him and not the computer. I listened to his stories instead of writing stories for my blogs. He cooked some, his own version of recipes that I ate. (Well sampled, a couple of them were too different.) 
  Saturday we went to Joplin to decorate the graves. I first said I would not go; I didn't want to see it. Bruce assured me we could get to the cemeteries without going through the storm area. The north part of Joplin was normal, business as usual, thank-goodness. More memories and more stories were told, that's normal. I know we have hugged more this week, one never knows that we will have another day to love and laugh together.
  Meaning no disrespect to anyone, but I am so glad this week is over. I missed my 24/7 Twitter time. I have so many story ideas swimming around my head that it might explore. Yes, this has been a week of sharing memories, now is the time to make new ones. 


  1. I am alot like you. I believe that recollections are great. They remind me of sea glass glistening in a jar that I can hold close to my heart. But I believe more in creating memories or living in the present. This change came with my ra change. In the past I lived for the past or the future and just skipped over the present. I was so busy with just getting by that I didn't take the time to slow down and live for today. Now I live every single moment as if there will be no more moments to live. I want to crame each moment full of living as best I can. And with ra alot of my living (like you) is online. I don't neglect any chance when I able to physically create a memory with a loved one or a dear friend but writing for online has helped me create memories when I am unable to physically get out. And I figure that at some point, my living online so to say will be memories for others. At least that is what I hope.

  2. Deb, thanks for this comment.
    I too think there are many opportunities to make friends, be helpful, and communicate online. I can't imagine not being on Twitter 24/7. Are you on Twitter or Facebook. I get people confused.

  3. I soend more time than I should really on the three blogs. Twitter..if I'm going to a Pawty I am there for a bit, but only on her Twitter, Mine lies fallow pretty much. FB is not an attraction. I use it to keep up with my sons and post a few puctures. Even Flickr takes a lot of time. xox


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