Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Double Trouble" in Lancaster, PA

I didn't want to go to the double trouble of writing two stories this morning. I do want to share this one, first posted on Jeanne Fun

  It was "Double Trouble" with Jeanne Robertson and Carl Hurley last night in Lancaster, PA. This meant double laughter, twice the stories, and a whole bunch of picture taking. I was excited to see this picture on Facebook last night. It made my day.
  My online friend Elizabeth Wilder was at the show. She and I have been tweeting about the event for weeks. (I get such "a bang" out of sharing Jeanne stories, so please share yours with me on the comments.) I understand this was a combination Father's Day and Birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
  Elizabeth and I met via Twitter. Elizabeth, aka as Betty, wrote and published her first historical novel at 72. I know it's not polite for tell a woman's age, but Betty is proud of the fact she fulfilled her lifelong dream of writing a book. Historical novels not only take time and effort to write, they take extensive research. For more information about her book, The Spruce Gum Box, please visit her site or click on the Amazon link at the right.   
  Jeanne and Carl have several "Double Trouble" shows scheduled; please see the "open to the public" page on Jeanne's website. I have tickets for their show in Columbia, MO. Boy, September seems like a long time away.

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