Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Change is GOOD!

MissDazey Here
   I am going to use this blog as a "catch all". Originally, I started this blog to have a place to vent, connect with others who have RA and/or arthritis. I still do that some, but have moved on to other interests. I have met some very neat, wonderful people via this and other blogs and of course, I want to stay in contact with them. (Also dropped some negative people, but that is another story.)
  I often neglected MissDazey Notes and almost deleted it. However, I paid for the domain, so didn't. I did delete a blog on Prosperous, never got that thing to work for me. I spent too much time editing my edits. I do like commenting on business and internet subjects; figure everyone wants to read my opinion on different business events. I will do that now on this blog.
  BLOG...I don't like that word. That is what the world calls these things. I usually call my writings short stories, not blog posts. If I wrote for a magazine or newspaper, these would be a daily column with my own byline. Maybe I'll put that on my bucket list, my own byline. But wait, I do have a byline, weekly ones on 3 different columns. (aka as blogs)
  There are many types of blogs and a few million or so blog writers. I personally read several "business blogs" everyday, many "informative blogs" that do not sell things, and a few, "this is what I did today" type blogs. 
  I do want to add one book via the Amazon link. If you self-publish and are on Amazon, please let me know. Thanks.  Here is the first one

 This historical novel is set in the Civil War era and is written by Carolyn Schriber, more information is on her website Katzenhous Books. Please visit her and tell her MissDazey says hi.


  1. I suspect you already know that my books are on Amazon. %^)

  2. I do, I will link it often. I am looking forward to your next book. Let us know when we can pre-order.

    I don't have many readers, so have never done the Amazon link. Thought might as well try something different in my adventures.

  3. Thanks for the link on your page. That is an enormous help for book sales, and I'm grateful!

  4. This is the happening thing in the world of SEO, Link Link Link !!!

  5. Thanks for visiting. I usually don't think about SEO. Just not my thing for my personal writing.


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