Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers??

 I often say that to someone online when they have had bad news or are going through a difficult time. I usually say "Angels on You". I am very sincere when I tell anyone I'm sending you good thoughts and wishing you and yours well.
  It's the praying part that I'm not so comfortable about. I believe in God and prayer, just not sure I should be telling the world I am praying. (no, sermons PLEASE!) Shouldn't I be doing that quietly.
  So dear friends, rest assure that "I am thinking about you" and sending you thought of angels. Just not praying online.


  1. Miss Dazey, ditto, not necessary for anyone to tell their online friends they have our prayers.
    It's just a way to let our friends know they're not alone. And yes, it's a private thing between us and God.

  2. GreatGranny, Online is a good way to tell others you are thinking of them. Just this morning I had a Facebook post via smart phone she was having heart surgery. All I can do is comment, wishing her well.

    I don't mind this, but have a problem with some of the "minor prayer" request. I personally think God giggles and says "I'll look after big things first." My opinion and humor only.


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