Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Over MissDazey's Rainbow

  I believe in having goals and dreams. I really do. I also believe in being practical and making plans. Maybe it's my age or maybe it's my circumstances but I have a different attitude. Lately whenever I read "it's never to late too dream" I want to scream, "You want to bet." I answer "What are your goals?" with "getting to the bathroom" or "making it down the stairs". Does "doing the laundry and napping" count as a goal? I'm sure that more travel is a big goal of mine. Poor Mr. Bruce has to do all the driving so I am not thinking up big, long trips.
   I have always been a dreamer. Many eons ago, I discovered the wonderful world of motivational speakers and books. I gobbled that up like it was manna from heaven, because it gave me hope. I was trying to remember whom the first motivational speaker that meant something to me. I think it would be Dr. Normal Vincent Peale and his book "Power of Positive Thinking" Of course, that had a Christian message too.
  I quickly found business leaders I liked. I still can quote Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy. I wore out a couple of Wayne Dyer CDs. One of my best jobs was working in a retail store called  Successories. (They are on Twitter) I was motivated, however...
  Life..that seems to follow the "however". (I know the old saying. "Don't say but, get off your butt". However, anyone who knows me knows I don't talk that way.) We always can't change our situations. People get sick, they age, people die. People lose their jobs, gas reaches $4 a gallon, and cars break down. Marriage, new babies, divorce..that's all part of life. In my case RA has made me change, big time.
  You know most of the time when I get mad at the "you are never too old to dream" statement is because I am in my late 60's and these young whipper snappers have their best years ahead of them. I need to remember that they are not talking to "ME" and most could care less what I think.
 I do have a bucket list that I change frequently. Sharing a few:

  • This is on my mind all the time lately. A website and/or business for people over 65 written by someone over 65, most sites are written either for boomers or for someone who is young.
  • Spend a month in Virginia touring as many historical sites as possible.
  • Meet some of my online friends in person.
  • Write and sell a book. 
  • Work and travel with Jeanne Robertson...part time, volunteer stuff. I can't keep up with her.
  • Make enough money to help others open businesses.
  • Travel, travel, travel
  • LAUGH!
  • And lastly, live long enough to do all these things and more.


  1. Great words from the heart. I love your bucket list. I want to meet you both & have ice cream.

    It is a gift to have you as a fried and be a part of your life,you & mr. Bruce are special people.

  2. Thanks Darrell. I definitely want to meet you and Glenda. What a great time we could have eating ice-cream, talking computers, and hugging.

    I still think Glenda would like the zipline in Branson. You ride up in an elevator and sit in the harness.

  3. Sounds great,hugs to you both

  4. Another big wish is to meet President Clinton and SOS Hillary Clinton.


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