Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thinking of you, my Twitter friend

   I often write about my special online friends, most whom I have met on Twitter. (My home away from home) Recently, some of my young friends have been saying goodbye to love ones. I watched from afar, sad as I read tweets, blogs, and memorial posts. There is one thing that comes through every time, the love for these special people. Moreover, being able to express this online is remarkable!
   I am thinking of five very special women, four of whom have lost their Dads and one their Mom in the past few months. I followed along as their family cared for them. It was very touching. After the loved one passed, I read tributes, many comments, and expressions of sympathy.
  Now I have wondered, “Why have I connected with these girls at this particular time?” Don’t know except I am honored to know these ladies and meet their families.
   Most of y’all know that I cannot write without mentioning Jeanne. In one of her stories, she tells that when someone passes she bows her head for a second of respect. Also, she takes over a 7-up pound cake. Taking over food to a family is an old time custom; one I hope never gets old fashion. I am sending a virtual 7-up pound cake to my online girls. And bowing my head in a gesture of respect. 

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  1. I connect with my Twitter family and my blog family too. Their sadnesses and triumphs genuinely color my day, for good or ill. I want to be and am, there for them as much as I can.


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