Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hands Up, Step Away from the Computer

   Years ago, there was a book and movie called "Magnificent Obsession" although all I can remember about it is the title. I have some magnificent obsessions of my own, the computer, the Internet, and Twitter. In that order, because of course I have to turn on the computer to get to Twitter. I leave TweetDeck on all day, so I never miss a tweet. I claim that if I didn't have a computer I would go nuts. There are some who think I am nuts for being online so much. I long ago stopped trying to convince anyone the Twitter is fun, that has to be a personal decision.
  Recently I have had to rethink things, something one does every so often in life. (At my age my rethinking periods have ran into the hundreds.) I have slowly but surely let my computer time become a "black hole" of just killing time. Now isn't that the most terrible thing an intelligent adult to say. Killing time is not healthy, wealthy, or wise.
  Then last night I realized how much enjoyment I was having sitting at the computer reading blogs, researching new ideas, etc. I have renewed my interest in storytelling, have spent hours and hours reading stories. I have bookmarked several new to me storyteller's sites.
  OK, I have to balance my time better, more daily chores time. But wait, I can hurry through them and get back to twitter.. see you there. 
Miss_Dazey on Twitter.


  1. Good morning, almost noon here.
    I too have spent way too much on this 'puter, but it's too much fun for an oldie like myself. I used to be on in the wee hours, but not anymore. The wee hours are reserved for BR trips and maybe feeding Kassey.
    I hope you have a peaceful week.

  2. I have to wean myself away. I use Tweetgrid but only when I'm going toa PawPawty or something. Between the three blogs (hers too) and Twitter..whewww!

  3. Personally I am a bit handicapped..sad isn't it..I don't have a furry friend to blog with me. I love all you kitty cats. I do watch the "d-o-g-s" going by as they take their owner for a walk.

  4. The internet is like a highway I travel to my new friends. Can it be addictive...yup! But heck, I like the idea of addiction to friendship. It isn't the traditional friendship of sitting across the table chatting of a cup of Joe but I figure one day this technology is going to catch up with us and add not just the skype but smellivision as well. and good chat :-) Haven't done the twitter thing just yet but figure one day I will venture into that birdie thing for sure. I love watching birds...why shouldn't I add one more bird to my group...twitter :-)


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