Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weathering Bad Stuff

  Angels on Japan! Like everyone else, I have been glued to the news for a week now. I cannot imagine what the people and the government are going through. One horror after another. I am fortunate, I can take a break from it, these wonderful people cannot. 
   I have been touched by some of the good news stories, the strength and kindness of the Japanese people is remarkable. I liked story of the new baby born in the hospital yesterday where most patients were swept away by the tsunami. I wept with joy watching CNN video about the 83-year-old woman who rode her bike out of the danger area. She has the most beautiful smile.
   I keep wondering what I would do under such danger. Chances are I would not be able to save myself. Mr. Bruce and I talk about having an emergency plan, but talk is all we do. Yes, we have both been in extreme weather events and had medical emergencies. (A tornado came through the area we live in 20 years ago. People were killed and houses flatten.) Maybe we think that those things won't happen again. WRONG!
  Small things put me into a panic. I didn't use to be that way, but the older I get the more I worry. It should be the other way around; my experience should assure me things will work out for the best. 
   We have done a few things to prepare for "in case anything happens" days. We have our wills written, legal papers in a fire prove safe, and family member have extra key to house. I update a list of business names, including which are paid online..which are all at this time. I have my end of life plans and he has his burial arranged. 
   But wait...what about things like, "how to get out of the house in case of fire" or "I've fallen and I can't get up". Where is our emergency tote bag with extra pills, flashlight, and snacks. Oh, I remember we ate the snacks and used the batteries up on the flashlight last year sometime. All joking aside, I am going to rethink and more importantly do something positive about getting prepared.

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  1. Rethinking and being prepared is really smart, Miss Dazey. With all the things you and your husband have already done, I think you're way ahead of most of us in terms of preparedness, though.

    I'm with you in my concern for the people of Japan. I'm amazed at their resilience and courage in the face of all they're confronting right now. And I hope they can keep those nuclear reactors from further melting down. What a horror.


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