Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night"

   Could keep Mr. Bruce and MissDazey from their big adventures in Kentucky. Actually, we could have used a little heat, everyday was cold and rainy with strong winds all four days. It snowed Saturday night just for good measure.
   We left Springfield, MO at 7am Thursday and arrived in Frankfort, KY 10 hours later. Bruce was tired, he did all the driving..I was exhausted! We ate hamburgers and shakes in our room; I was asleep by 6. Hampton Inns have a good breakfast, one of Mr. Bruce's requirements when booking a hotel.
  He went to the KY archives to do his research. I went back to bed. (aren't I a fun person?) After the best Italian lunch we went to the Kentucky Historical Society. I loved that place! I had my rollator, did OK by sitting down every few minutes. It wasn't until we left the building and the COLD rain hit us that my muscles and joints gave out.
  We were at the Louisville Slugger Museum when it opened. It is the neatest place to visit, especially for 2 old baseball fans like us. We had some time to kill so just drove around. I looked at the great old buildings; Bruce didn't take his eyes off the traffic. We met Jeanne and Al at the Galt Hotel for lunch. I was too vain to meet my idol for the first time using a walker, cane had to do.
  Our big adventure was the show that night. I had arranged for a wheelchair. It would be at the accessibility entrance in main lobby. Fine, except neither of us could see that entrance in the dark and the rain. We finally found a parking garage, Mr. Bruce helped me and my cane to the elevator and the door of the theater. We were surprised to learn we entered at the very top of the theater and then walked down steps to our seats on the first roll. I was in tears by this time, and I'm sure all 1,000 plus people wondered "is that lady insane and dangerous?". 
  Fortunately a staff member was able to guide us through the back innards of this huge theater to our seats via winding halls and miles of ramps. Same thing at end of show. When we left the parking garage it was snowing. I honestly don't know how Bruce found the highways or our hotel. His night vision is worst than mind. I couldn't see the stoplights much less roadsigns. 
  Was it worth it? You bet! I wrote more about our trip on Elder Generation

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