Friday, January 21, 2011

Strange Month via MissRose

    Has everyone forgot me, MissRose. I am MissDazey's special friend who helps get her through the day. I laugh at her jokes, let her cuddle me when she is sad, remind her to take care of herself, and generally be a true friend. I have been really, really busy the last few months, and frankly I'm getting tired. I am ready to go downstairs and watch old movies with Mr. Bruce.
   A couple of months ago MissDazey started tapering off her hydrocortisone. She didn't know it was going to be so difficult. But the good news is, we going have 5 more weeks. Surely that time will go fast.
   MissDazey hasn't been able to write for awhile. (don't tell anyone, she's been very sick) Another challenge is her Medicare supplemental insurance. I don't understand exactly how it happened, but her doctor no longer excepts Humana. She didn't find this out until a couple of days ago..2 weeks after the deadline to change companies. Mis-communication big time. 
   But wait, I have good news, and more good news. Good news, Mr. Bruce has a new car. The more good news is that he and MissDazey are going to KY in March to seen Jeanne Robertson in Louisville. How exciting it that! She is wondering what to wear, I'm just hoping she doesn't forget her sports bra. 


  1. Hi Miss Rose,
    Thanks for the Miss Dazey update. I'm so sorry to hear she was ill, but glad to hear she's feeling better now. Here's hoping that her improved health continues!

  2. Hi, Miss Rose, thanks for the update on Miss Dazey. We hope she'll do well without the meds. Tell Miss Dazey to have a nice trip.

  3. Oh Miss Rose..thank you SO much for letting us know that Miss Dazey is not feeling well. I will keep her and Mr. Bruce in my prayers and how HORRIBLE not to know about the Dr. change and find out that way.

    You stay close to Miss Dazey now and help her get better. ♥♥♥♥


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