Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Funnier

   Of course I think I am funny, I laugh at my own jokes and stories all the time. I even laugh at myself often. Last night I read a line in a Facebook comment I simply love and am adopting as my new greeting. It is "Hope things (or you) get funnier soon". I definitely want to use that instead of "Get well soon" or "Sorry you having a bad day" Sometimes people are sick or are having the world cave in on them. Humor gets me through these kinds of things. I borrowed my sister's way of blessing folks, "Angels on you" for sad occasions. 
  Today I am looking for the humor in "senior moments". Started my day by not adding water to the coffee maker, almost burned it up. Then I couldn't remember if I clicked on send for an important email. It didn't show up in my sent folder, so I resent it. For a couple of years I have been thinking one word, typing another, this morning it got out of hand, sent some really silly tweets. Thank goodness there is a delete button. By 9am I was laughing, wondering what's next.
  One good thing about senior moments-- I get to learn new things...over and over. I like learning. I like computer and Internet gadgets, have downloaded several I am relearning to use. Thought that would be a nice winter project. 
  OK, I am off to get funnier with Mr. Bruce. We are taking a short drive to Branson for lunch. But before I do, please join me on Twitter. Also a gentle reminder, I have two other blogs: Elder Generation and MissDazey Biz. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi and good morning. What's for lunch and I wish I was there! A short trip without snow sounds mighty good right now.


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