Thursday, November 4, 2010


Warning, this is about women stuff and I doubt if the many men could relate.
   Several months ago, MissRose shared a bit about my bra problems in a story. I know that I have also told the blogging world about my weight, how I hate it, and it is causing major challenges. Thought I might share this funny challenge.
   Let’s discuss bras-what? I am of the old school generation when nice girls didn’t discuss underwear in public, at least I usually don’t. The older I get, the more proper I’ve become, heavens I don’t even watch the Victoria Secret commercials. However, bras have been a topic of discussions at my house for several weeks now.
  I've told about my problem with not being able to get bra on or to find the right size. I only wear a "king size" sport bra when I leave the house, and then when a jacket or sweaters on to make sure things are covered. A week or so ago I mentioned to Bruce something about this.
   He replied, "I think we have enough money to buy you a new bra." Sunday morning I was upstairs on computer, he was downstairs watching TV. Later in the day he said, "I watched an infocommerical and found you a new bra. It's called the Ahh Bra. You put it over your head like a t-shirt. No hooks."
   I burst out laughing...the thought of this old 75-year-old man watching a bra commercial. I teased him, asked if the Victoria Secret ads were too much for his heart. I did get Bing search to see what an Ahh Bra is, nothing more than a sports bra like the ones I have. However, I got on eBay, bought an arthritis bra to try out.
   Fast forward to Monday with the package arrived with 2 new bras. I couldn’t wait to see if I really could fasten it with only 2 fingers. When I opened the package I thought, gee that looks very big. It is, by at least 4 inches. Silly me, I didn’t even think about measuring myself, kind of guessed based on sport bras I have. They fit OK, but are just tight enough to press on my spine and my “ouch area”. Therefore, I went up a size. What I hadn’t taken into account was sport bras really don’t have bra cups, regular bras do.
  The old carpenter and tailor rule goes, “Measure twice, and cut once”. Next time I will measure. (I am putting the bras into the clothing to be donated to thrift store.)


  1. I would like to know how you do on this MissDazey. Interesting and until a person researches, there's no telling what resources may be out there.

  2. Oh, that's funny, m'dear. I have to admit, there's almost nothing I hate more than buying and fitting bras. It's hard to find comfortable ones, too, unless you're willing to pay $60-$100, and believe me, if you're going to spend that sort of dough, you're gonna make sure they fit!

    Nice of you to donate the new, too-big bras to the thrift store. Someone will get good use from them. In the meantime.... um... tape measure! ;o)

  3. I have the worst problem measuring with one hand. And not about to let Mr.Bruce know those numbers. LOL

  4. Winter's coming you mean you couldn't have wrapped those bras around your hands for mittens? Sheesh...repurpose!

    heh heh heh

  5. Sports bras are my favorite, more comfy than any and I hate shopping for bras.

  6. The search for the perfect bra continues here too!

  7. I had a similar incident when I lost weight last year. Those sport bras are so darn comfortable and yet, I wanted to go back to a regular bra. Bras have changed. The cups are custom formed now so the size has to be right or no way will it fit.

  8. The sports bras make for the uniboob look. There..I said it. :-)

    Anyhoo..I use 'em at night when I go to bed and not for sport :-) but to keep the run off contained.

  9. LOL, I have no hand strength to put on a bra. Luckily I have a caregiver do it, but it ain'y peerty. Just a cotton sports bra, soft and loose, don't even know why I bother. I think I may turn IT into mittens!


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