Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Need a Title Now

    I hope a title for this story comes to me before I publish it. Oh, what about an image, do I have one I like? Would I rather go watch Matlock? For some reasons writing hasn’t happened this week. I often wonder what would happen if I made my living writing. OK, here goes with Pandora music in the background.
    I do have one thing to share here with my fellow arthritis and RA friends. I am going to taper off my only medicine for it. I have taken Hydrocortisone for almost two years, seems that it long enough. This must be very powerful stuff because the tapering off period is four months.
   I had an appointment with Dr. B yesterday. He is a pain management doctor, unfortunately not much he can do for me at this point. I really like him. They had changed their computer system and all my information had to be put in again. The nurse asked all the usual question, medicine history etc. When she got to the lists of ailments she asked, “Any depression”
   “No, not depressed, I twitter.” Made her smile. Speaking of making people smile, I handed out my business card to the doctor and staff. Wanted to remind them and myself that laughter is very good for what ails you.
   One thing that is not good for me is taking my blood pressure with one of those machines. My BP is very hard to take, very weak pulse. The office didn’t have a regular manual BP cuff, so I endured five attempts before she could get a reading. At least this time I didn’t burst out in tears.  
   I am writing this the day before Thanksgiving. (I am not a holiday person) I have enough things to be thankful to fill a book. There would be a chapter entitled, “Blog Readers, Angels on You”.


  1. Good luck on the taper off the steroids, Miss Dazey. Maybe they're part of your weight struggle? In the meantime, I hope your doc can offer you something else to help you deal with the pain from flares. Fingers are crossed for you!

    I'm not much for holidays, either, but I do enjoy the Thanksgiving feast. Here's hoping that you and Mr Dazey will have a lovely day tomorrow, full of laughter and warmth.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving back.

    I can't take pain killer or much else. Laughter will have to do for now.

  3. Actually, you would probably make a good living as a writer. Look at your blogs. They're easy to read, fun to read, and they're personal without getting nosey. You could start off by writing a column in a newspaper or magazine.

  4. My BP low too, but now I don't get grief about it. Low is the new okay. (Not TOO low) But I can't imagine trying to take my own reading. Silly holiday---I'm thankful all year long!


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