Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whoopie Dazey

   MissRose here again this week, I am having to work overtime. Last week I told everyone how much I like fall...meaning autumn. You know when the leaves turn every shade of reds, golds, browns and then fall to carpet the yards. Yes, that is the "fall" I like.
   However, the fall I have to tell about now is the ouch, this hurts kind. Last night MissDazey FELL. Not a hard fall, more of a plop right on her fanny. She had dropped something and when she tried picking it up, her knee buckled and down she went. (I was in the other room or I would have picked it up for her.)
   Mr. Bruce was outside getting the mail, he was surprised when he came in and saw MissDazey sitting on the floor laughing and looking like a happy Buddha. However, neither one of them laughed when MissDazey couldn't get up. 

   MissDazey here, I'm think I'd better tell the rest of this, MissRose wasn't even in the room. Although I did give her a big hug and let her wipe away my tears later. Because I have very little muscle or joints working properly, I have a fear of falling. I have been lucky that it's only happened a few times.
  Last night Mr. Bruce was going to try lifting me...no way would I allow that because he has a bad back and I am not a tiny person. I could not figure out how to get up..nothing seemed to work. Of course, silly us, neither of us was thinking straight. I was trying to pull myself up onto a rolling chair..which of course kept rolling away. 
  I will spare everyone the detail of how I finally got off the floor. Not a pretty tale. This did make me really think about how to handle "life's little challenges". I know that I must put safety first. I know there must be a way of rebuilding muscles and I certainly can lose weight. 
 Meanwhile, MissRose and I are going to take a nap."Say good-bye," MissRose.
   "Good-bye everyone."


  1. What a frightening thing to happen -- and it can happen so fast! I'm glad you weren't hurt (well, your pride was, I'm sure). It's little things like that that give us pause. I remember once a few years ago, when I was my heaviest, I knelt down to get something out of lower cabinet. Getting up was difficult--the muscles in my legs just didn't feel strong enough to lift my weight. I ended up dragging myself to my feet, using the counter. And it scared me. Wasn't long after that that my doc told me I was borderline diabetic and had metabolic syndrome. Miss Dazey, that was it. The idea of diabetes and other illnesses, coupled with that scary weakness, turned things around for me. I got serious about the weight loss and serious about moving myself more. I did both, and while I'm not at my goal weight yet, nor am I as strong as I'd like, the daily journey toward good health continues. My blood sugar is normal now, and metabolic syndrome was 50 pounds ago.
    I wish you all the best and am sending warmth and courage your way. :o)

  2. Hi, Miss Dazey, scary thing falling, glad you weren't hurt. I'm now following you, found you on Ramblingon.


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