Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pills and Shots

    I have written before about my terrible phobia and panic attacks when I have to go to the doctor. This is a lifelong situation that I know will not be overcome in my lifetime. However, I decided that I had to go to the doctor and I had to be an adult. Yesterday I had an appointment with my lovely nurse practitioner, Miss Kay. I thought this a perfect time to practice what Jeanne Robertson teaches, to find humor in every situation. I must explain however, because of my nervousness I overdid the jokes and talked too fast. But it got me through the hour, besides that doctors charge by the minute. So Miss. K. made a few bucks.

    This was actually just a routine visit to go over lab tests and medication. I did not understand a single thing she was saying about all the numbers but I tried to listen politely. Overall things have not changed too much. My cholesterol numbers were not good for the first time in my adult life. I told her I lived on cookies and ice cream, and I'm sure that has something to do with it. My vitamin D level was down, so I'm doing a round of high-dose level vitamin D. Oh dear, one of my favorite people on twitter just tweeted about cholesterol levels. Have to go read that. Maybe I should not try to write a blog and follow Tweetdeck at the same time.
    I know this will sound minor, but I was so excited to see I had lost a few pounds. Yes, it was a small few pounds, by every tiny ounce counts. It actually encouraged me to think about what I want to eat this winter.
    I told her that I was going to Walgreens to get my flu shot. She suggested that I get pneumonia shot also. I had gotten the first shot before I was 65, and it is recommended that I get one again. She also advised that I get a vaccine for the shingles virus. I will do that in a week or two, I have seen too many people very sick with the shingles.
    One note about my office visit, I gave Miss. Kay and the nurse one of my business cards just to see the expression on their face when they tried to figure out what a non-expert is. I love that.
    Our next stop was Walgreens to pick up prescriptions and get my flu shots. I am very grateful to the nice young tech that was able to find my Medicare number in the computer since I do not carry that card. It saved me having to come home and go back. The man who gave me my shots was very kind and considerate; I did not feel a thing. This is the earliest I have gotten my shots. I understand there is plenty of vaccine, and they are recommending everyone over 6 months of age to get the flu shot.
    Mr. Bruce asked me if I wanted to go anywhere else. Yes, Andy’s Frozen Custard, I had a German Chocolate Cake concrete. Yummy! Now that I have the medical stuff out of the way, I can sit back and enjoy my winter by spending endless hours on Twitter and watching Jeanie Robertson DVDs


  1. I am like you..I detest going to the Dr. and I too have a phobia about it. In my job I was forced into a very very thorough and extensive probing physical each year including psychological and etc. and I would work myself up into a major worry. No reason to, as I would have been terminated had anything major been wrong!

    Anyhoo, I know how you felt.

    Eat better, girly.

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  3. Good thing I don't have to have a psychological exam, I know my constant joking and shaking in fear would not let me pass. I hope if they ever lock me up and throw away the keys I have a iPad so I can blog and twitter

  4. There has been, passed down over 100 years in my family, a phobia about doctors. A child (he would have been my uncle) fell off his horse, broke his arm, got too much anethesia and never woke up. When I became an adult I decided I did not want to carry this rock into my life any more. (Lucky because 30-40 I was DX with MS and ovarian cancer, had three major surgeries, AND lived to tell about it!LOL) Now, I love my primary care doctor, whom I call "My Captain" since he guides all referrals and keeps all other specialists in order. I do find joking helps both the doctors and me feel more relaxed. I allow myself some kind of treat on days I must go.

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