Friday, September 24, 2010

MissRose Likes Fall

MissRose here today

   Why is it that weeks and months are flying by so fast? I have been out on the front porch rocking and soaking up a little sun. It is a beautiful sunny day, almost 80° and the grass is green. I watched the yellow leaves coming off the walnut trees, it looked like it was snowing yellow flakes. Yet it is the last of September, Fall is officially here. I just can't figure out where Summer went, can you? 
   I like fall because there are crisp fresh apples to munch on and the trees turn beautiful colors. MissDazey and Mr. Bruce watch TV for hours when this game called football is on. I'm not sure I should be watching that, the players are throwing a "pig skin" around. (I hope that's not anyone I know.) I heard the Razorbacks are playing on Saturday so I will watch that game.
   MissDazey has been down for the count this week. I have given her lots of TLC and she is doing a bit better. Mr. Bruce has been working everyday helping with inventory at the CoxHealth gift shops. I think he will need some TLC this weekend too.
   Not much else to report..that's a good thing isn't it? Means no big emergencies and that I am doing my job.


  1. Oh MissRose..that is just a silly word, pigskin. It has NOTHING at all to do with piggies. No indeed. I promise. Don't you worry.

    Miss Dazey and Mr. Bruce are having a good time. So are me and MissCatt. :-) Now don't you keep rocking and enjoying the good weather MissRose.

  2. I love the fall time of year also. I hope you feel better with your arthritis.


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