Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have a Giggle

      I started to title this story “Humor in the Lab”, because my lab experience was funny this morning. I had to go in for a routine fasting blood test this morning. We went early so we could go to breakfast as soon as possible.
    I was called in immediately; this is a very busy lab with the nicest techs. She asked if I had a better arm for the stick. I politely said no, but my veins are hard to find and they usually use a hand. She gave me that, “There, there dear, we know best smile”. Then she begins to look at my elbow area. OK, I’m thinking, “But dearly, I’m the one being stuck, know what they done it the past.” Sure enough, neither arm worked.
    By this time, another tech came over to assist and she and I got to chatting. She remembered my tiny, uncooperative veins. Tech B took over, Tech A apologized. The three of us were giggling and telling stories. Just before she left Tech A said something about my sense of humor, and I gave her this business card.

    She had the blankest love on her face and said, “What are you a non-expert in.” I didn’t blink when I told her to check my Twitter and blogs to find out.
    Finally, after 40 minutes we left the clinic and went to iHop for breakfast. I was in the mood for some “Rooty-Tooty, Fresh N Fruity” pancakes. Our very young server quickly brought us coffee and took our order. She had a high pitched voiced and must of said “Right” a dozen times, drawing the word out to 3 syllables. Bruce and I could hardly keep from giggling aloud. “Ri-gh-t” has been our word all day.
   I honestly think my sense of humor is my strongest asset; it gets me through almost anything.

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