Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Internet is Not Funny

    MissRose here today writing a very short note for MissDazey. Believe me when I say I have been busy keeping her calm and collected the last couple of days. Sunday night the router went out and she had no Internet. MissDazey went into a tailspin, to her it was a big emergency. I think she completely over reacted.
   Finally in an attempt to show her there are other things in life besides email and tweeting, I suggested she watch a Jeanne Robertson DVD. That did the trick, she laughed until she cried. Jeanne reminded her to see the humor in any situation.
   That sweetheart Mr. Bruce made two trips to Best Buy to get a new router. He figured out on those instructions and which wire went where. He is my hero, I couldn't have kept her calm much longer. What is going to happen if she doesn't tweet for several days? I don't want to think about.

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  1. LOL, how horrible. When I moved into an assisted living home, I lost my coonection for MONTHS--no access to bank accts, my family in Indiana (I'm in Seattle), my blog, and I had just gotten out of ICU at hospital for 5 days, so I needed to TELL my peeps. I feel her pain. (insanity?) I am not proud of how connected my life is to this computer...not one bit. Excuse me, must go check my email.


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