Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lifelong Friends

      Dearly beloved, we are gathered here on this blog to join you and others in the delightful funny world of MissDazey. OK, that line has nothing at all to do with what I am writing, just thought it clever. Now, it’s on with the topic of the day, longtime friends. I'd like everyone to meet one of my oldest and dearest friends, Georgia Ott
    Earlier today, I had a phone call from Georgia. One of her and Jack’s very best longtime friends had passed away recently. We talked about how the family is doing and what plans have been made, the typical “I’m so sorry part.” However, Georgia and I were also giggling, being ourselves with silly stories and comments.
  I have known Georgia for almost 45 years, and to say we have been through a lot together is putting it mildly. We went through the early raising kids on a shoestring budget, teenagers, and watching them become adults. Now we are going through the same feelings and fears with our grandkids. She was there for me through my divorce and emotional breakdowns. We have always turned to one another during illness, and believe me there have been plenty.
   Georgia seems to bring out the best in people. She and I both like to laugh, be silly at times. We figure that if the situation is not worth finding the brighter side and a bit of humor, then it’s not worth going through.
   My wish for everyone is for you to have a good friend like Georgia and Jack. Of course, I have many true, blue friends, but today I have been down memory lane with her. It is full of wonderful memories and I can hardly wait to see what is ahead just around the bend.

Georgia is on Facebook, click on above picture
I have more fun stories about Georgia on my Eldergeneration Blog.  Birthday party report here and here

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