Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weather Report

    MissRose here tonight
Just a short statement about the weather, it's hot and humid in Missouri. Oh, it's hot where you live too? Sorry, to hear that. I wanted to remind everyone to take extra special care of yourself during this extreme heat.
   It a strange thing how the combo of heat and humidity can make our joints hurt so badly. After all, don't we use a heating pad all the time. It seems the summer heat would be a good thing. In our area we are having storms come through. Poor Mr. R has been down in his knees and back, his bones were telling him the weather was changing.
   MissDazey doesn't like a/c, she is wearing a sweater. Of course, she doesn't like the 90° temperatures either. Tuesday she and Mr. R went to the pineapple whip stand, not only is it yummy it's so cold you have "brain freeze". I wish I could send everyone a cold cup of pineapple whip via email. That would be cool!


  1. Mmmmmmm pineapple whip! Cold and frosty! Mmmmmmmmmmm....

    I've been chugging glasses full of herbal iced tea, Miss Rose. Tastes good and keeps me hydrated. Tell Miss Dazey to give it a try. My favorite is Yogi brand Chai Rooibos. I make it with four teabags in cold water in the fridge -- works like a charm. And Indian chai is both spicy and refreshing. I put a couple of teaspoons of Splenda into the pitcher to sweeten it a bit, and it's perfect.

    Here's hoping the heat waves that are melting all of us will let up soon. I hope Miss Dazey is feeling decent and that she's in good spirits. Thanks for the report, Miss Rose!

  2. Oh that sounds HEAVENLY! I love pineapple anything!!!


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