Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ryan Remembered

I need to add one more article for the "Empowering People with Disabilities". I'd like you to meet Ryan. Ryan was born premature and with Spina Bifida. This little girl and her loving family showed the world you can have disability and be loving, giving, and strong. I have never met a more positive family. Grandma Georgia is one of my best friends.

I watched this tiny baby blossom to a teenager. She spent many days and weeks in a hospital, that was just routine. She made friends with everyone, was the best fund raiser Children Mircle Network, and just an sweetheart to be around.

Ryan, I miss you...and love you dearly.

The following was in the Springfield, MO News-Leader
Birth: Jul. 4, 1988

Death: May 18, 2006
The earth was blessed with the birth of Jacqueline Ryan Capps on July 4, 1988. Ryan lived her life with a passion for loving and helping others until she was welcomed by the angels into her heavenly home at 2 a.m. May 18, 2006.
Ryan's life ended as a result of complications with end-stage renal failure. She had fought the disease for several years before choosing to stop her hemo dialysis treatments. She completed her life of 17 years at her home in Ozark, surrounded by her family and friends.

Ryan was the well-known face and the voice of the Children's Miracle Network as their Ambassador for the last 12 years. Ryan has been an active host for many fund raising events for CMN, as well as appearing on the annual CMN Telethon. She was born with Spina Bifida, a paralyzing neuro defect, and was confined to a wheelchair.

However, her spirit was always free to inspire and enrich the lives of all who knew and loved her. Her smile was contagious and her incredible energy was unforgettable. She had an amazing drive to spread the word about how much Children's Miracle Network had helped her and her family through the physical challenges she faced.


  1. Nice to meet you Miss Dazey! I am a fellow RA survivor. I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for helping to spread the empowerment of people who have disabilities. In addition to having RA, I am the mom to a wonderful young man who hac Cerebral Palsy.

    What a beautiful tribute! Thanks so much for sharing Ryan's story. Truly a tribute to whaat people who have disabilities CAN do.

  2. Ryan was a remarkable girl. She definitely was a blessing to all who met her.

    Thanks for stopping by. Please tell me more about your son.

  3. Those with disabilities are a true inspiration, if we are a sponge to such gifts all around us. Thank you for letting me meet Ryan.


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