Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MissRose Meets a Dragon

Miss Rose here today.
   Hello everyone, I am writing today for MissDazey, who is busy playing with her new Dragon software. She is nice enough to let me write a bit for her and tell you what she is up to lately. She is using Dragon “voice to text” software called Naturally Speaking. This is one of the few times that I wished MissDazey would let me have a video camera, this session is hilarious. Honestly, I did not know that MissDazey spoke only hillbilly. Dragon is having trouble understanding her words. She only started playing around with this last week, so has much to learn. Her friend Darrell has offered to help her and she has a list of questions to ask him later. Hopefully she will figure more of it out by practising.

   One of the reasons that she wanted to get this software is because she sometimes is thinking one word then types another one. Now she is speaking one word, but the software is hearing and typing another word. Another reason to use this is to save her hands and wrists from hurting. There she goes laughing aloud again, and the software is trying to type her laughter.
   Okay, you blog readers I see that she has closed that program, although she is still laughing.


  1. What a hoot! Miss Dazey will really like Dragon once she gets used to it, I bet. I've read several bloggers who use it Steve Kuusisto, of Planet of the Blind (which is on my blogroll) is one of them.

    I've thought about getting Dragon myself. I'd love to know what Miss Dazey thinks about it once she's more familiar and comfortable with the program. I'm excited to learn more.

    Please tell Miss Dazey that I hope she's feeling well and that I always enjoy her posts.

  2. Hello Wren,
    Silly MissDazey, if she would stop laughing she'd learn faster. I know this will be helpful, plus it's fun.
    She was told there is a voice to text built into Internet Explorer. Dragon was recommend by many though.

  3. LOL, kudos to you for attempting such inovation! You ARE a hoot!


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