Sunday, June 20, 2010


    I know that hands can be very, very painful. And losing the use of your hands is more than scary. I very clearly remember the first time I realized how badly deformed my hands and feet were getting; they look awful. I can't even remember when my fingers started turning, has to be over 25-30 years ago. Because I have very limited use of my hands, it is best to me to do the most important stuff first, like bathing, dressing, hugs, bit of housework.

   I probably should put being on computer last, but I don’t. I can still use one finger on my right hand, two on my left. I don’t overdo my computer time; I have to know other things are much more important.
   Now I could go on and on, but honestly what good would that do. Everyone: please do whatever is best for you and your situation. Know that adjustments can be made on your life and everyday living.
   This might sound rude or Pollyannaish; however, here is one way I get through my day, the way my mind must work for my own understanding.
   Am I any worse off than others with RA, arthritis, etc? NO! Other people I know have cancer, heart problems, CP, MS, and every other illness. They suffer too. I am so thankful for my excellent overall health, that I am smart and can think straight, and have a supportive family.
   Here is the best thing I ever have done, BE THANKFUL! When I see and read stories about our brave service men and women losing their hands, feet, arms, and legs then I am THANKFUL. I have hands and feet to hurt. (I can type with my 3 fingers.) When I read about millions of poor people in 3rd world countries who have no food, much less aspirin or medicinal services, I am THANKFUL! I can buy OTC painkillers any time, and have Bruce here to open the bottles. I can go to a Doctor of my choice, or choose not to as I am doing now. Gee, I can even complain about Medicare, Insurance, too many tests, etc.
Yes, I am THANKFUL and trust all my readers are too.

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  1. What a great attitude! I hope you have more good days than bad.


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