Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicken and Guardian Angel Stories

    I love chicken!! When we go out I usually have chicken, he has fish. Usually have chicken strips. Last week we were watching an old Matlock and in the show he was having home cooked fried chicken. It made me so hungry for it, about all I talked about for days. It has been over 25 years since I fried a chicken myself.   
   After the funeral Thursday we went to the house for a short visit. The good women of the church and the neighbors had brought in tons of food. You guess it, there was a big aluminum serving pan of the best looking fried chicken, must have been 3 birds in that pan. Well, here I was in a strange house, didn't know anyone but Claudia and Bill. Bill and Bruce along with a couple other old guys were standing around the buffet table eating standing up. The chairs had been push aside, along the wall.
   Now what was I to do? With my one hand I couldn't juggle a paper plate and also eat a chicken breast. (Besides my eating with my hands isn't pretty.) I didn't want to pull up a chair to the table, especially when the men weren't. So I took a half of a ham salad sandwich, made with white bread, some other finger food, sat in the corner with paper plate in my lap, mouthwatering over the chicken.

Guardian Angels by MissRose

   Do you believe in Guardian Angels? MissDazey certainty does, so do I. She has had so many incidences of unexplained protection, guidance, and plain old miracles, she knows they are real. Of course I, MissRose, only joined her a year ago, but she has told me about some super neat stuff from her past.
   Her angel was busy last week, had to work overtime even. I suspect that it takes two watching over her when she goes up and down the stairs. It takes one to keep her knees from buckling, the other to get her ankle straight.
   A funny thing happened to her while visiting family in Coffeyville, KS last Thursday. Bruce and she were visiting family, actually had gone to funeral and were at the house to a light supper. MissDazey had never been in this house before and didn’t know that you had to step down into the sunken living room. Oops, her right ankle went and she felt herself falling. In a split second, she caught her balance, and could feel someone hold her steady. But no one was there, except her guardian angel. There were 4 men in the living room, none of which offered to help.
   Between Bruce, guardian angels, and me…MissDazey will be fine!

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  1. Wouldn't ya know. I am looking and looking for you on Twitter. No findy.

    This is why I don't like Twitter. There is really no way to search for someone unless you KNOW EXACTLY how to spell their @ handle.

    I finally get smart enough to just go to your blog and.... you are talking about chicken.

    So, I not only believe in guardian angels and chicken, I also believe in fate.


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