Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking Charge of "Me"

   I am taking a break from all doctors for 6 months, perhaps longer. I have concluded that I am not a good patient, so why even try. I am hoping that by writing about a bit of my last doctor’s visit that I can get it out of my thoughts.   
  I had not been to a rheumatologist for over a year, maybe almost 2 years. I shared a bit about why in earlier posts. I have been to Dr. B who is a pain specialist. Last December I went to him to ask about getting another shot in my back. He was concerned about the extreme pain that I have in the back of my head, and referred me to another doctor. This doctor decided I needed an artery biopsy. Nothing showed up, so all three doctors insisted I see a rheumatologist. It took me 4 months to get an appointment, which was last Tuesday.
   Enter Dr. Last-One, aka Dr. No. I assumed that one of the 3 other doctors had informed him why I was referred. (I go to a top rated hospital and doctor group, all records are connected and on computers.) No, I had to go through the long story completely again. By this time, my nerves broke, and I’m sure I was not making sense. Dr. No questioned why I was going to Dr. B, disagreed with taking hydrocortisone instead of prednisone.
   The next thing was a thorough exam, the type you have to undress, put on paper gown. I am still having nightmares, almost died of embarrassment and cried with pain. He ordered couple of x-rays and a blood test. (Nothing exciting from either.)
   The worst part of this 2-hour ordeal was explaining to Dr. No that I couldn’t take medicine, that I have horrible reactions. For over an hour, he tried to convince me to take Enbrel. NO WAY. (email me if you are curious why.)
   I think I should quickly say something to any who might be reading this. Please, understand this is my personal experiences, and in no way mean it otherwise. Everyone has to make his or her own choices.
   OK, got some of my stuff off my chest, praying I will stop reliving the doctor’s visit. Oh, one more silly; I got extremely dizzy, about to faint and had to have help walking. Been doing this for 3 years, but the nurse told me it was just nerves. Of all the nerve!


  1. I think it's good that you're standing up for yourself in the management of your healthcare, MissDazey. I'm so sorry, though, that your experience with Dr. No was so traumatic. And of course, you know yourself best when it comes to your body and how it reacts to meds.

    Does this leave you where you started, though? Will you just have to bear the pain you're in, without any help? That sounds just awful. I hope you have other positive options to fall back on?

    Thinking of you and sending all the warmth, comfort and calm your way that I can. Feel better.

  2. Hi Wren, You are always such a doll to read my blog. Thanks!

    Since I truly cannot take meds, even mild pain meds, I will have to handle things the best I can. I think being my age makes it easier, been through many ups and downs of life make me strong (and stubborn)


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