Sunday, May 30, 2010

St Louis, May 2010

   Actually the title should read “St. Louis - we came, we played, and we are exhausted!” We drove from Springfield, MO and my sister drove from Kansas City, MO, meeting at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles for two fun packed days. We used free room coupons, Shirley stayed at Ameristar, we at Harrah’s. Both are equally upscale, beautiful hotels and casinos, and also both are large with lots of walking.
   Our first adventure was going to the newly opened River City Casino. Poor Bruce, he did the driving which meant fighting heavy traffic back and forth from one corner of St. Louis to the other 5 times in two days. Bruce let Shirley and me off at the door; I had my walker. The casino is BEAUTIFUL!! I think I walked the whole thing a couple of times to see everything. Of course, we over ate at one of the several restaurants, including the best carrot cake ever.
   When we left there it was time to check Shirley into her hotel, since the coupon is in Bruce’s name he does the check-in. I had meant to wait in the car, but he wanted to play a bit. After all he had a cash coupon. OK, for that few minutes I didn’t need the walker or get a wheelchair, did I? Two hours later I knew that was a big mistake. Heck, I knew it 2 minutes later. The old woman people saw crying walking to the front entry was me. Every muscle and joint in me was screaming in pain. When I got to the room at Harrah’s I went to bed and stayed there until the next morning. Another mistake, I should have made myself move, take a short walk or something. Not doing so resulted in frozen everything.
   The next morning Shirley met us for breakfast. Since we were going to leave in an hour I didn’t get a wheelchair. By the way, Harrah’s now rents scooters. I couldn’t justify the expense for an hour. Everything fine in the casino, I park the walker and play slots about that area, then move on to another group of machine. Except when it was time to meet to leave, I couldn’t find my walker. Poor Shirley, she circled around the place until she found it.
   We then drove to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, which is so stunning, so marvelous that everything is breathtaking. I did ask about renting a mobility scooter although I wasn’t sure I knew how to handle it. Shirley agreed this wasn’t the time or place to learn. I got a wheelchair. Which Bruce and she took turns pushing, up a hill, down a hill. I always worry my push person injure themselves, also embarrassed. I don’t have enough arm strength to roll the wheels myself. Thanks to them we saw the roses in their entire splendor and several other areas the trolley doesn’t go. The trolley ride was next, love doing that because the narrators make everything so interesting. Besides that, we drive sitting down.
   Bruce wanted to take a side trip before coming home, which was OK. It did make for a long trip home, got in about 9 PM. Needless to say I’ve taken 6 days to recover from a 2 day trip. Next trip is coming up in July. I will be all better by then.

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