Monday, May 10, 2010

MissRose Says Hello


MissRose here, I thought I’d let MissDazey rest this morning and write the blog post myself. (It is raining “cats and dogs” in SW Missouri, but no little cute pink pigs yet.) I’m sure with the damp, cold weather MissDazey will need me to give her oodles of hugs and attention also today. I am here to serve.   
   She sure had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. Cards, flowers, phone calls topped off with nice visit at a Mexican restaurant with two sons, grandson, and a friend. MissDazey worn her new T-shirt with her picture/logo on it she had made at Makes me think she is getting ready to open new store there, wouldn’t that be fun?
   It was a hard week around here last week; both of them were down in their “get along”, unable to do much. These times make it clear that changes must be made, but neither one of them can figure out how to do that. Change is hard for Bruce, as are making decisions. MissDazey has had to make so many changes and face mountains of challenges, that she has a can do because I must attitude.
   I have to share a wonderful blog with everyone. Twitter pal Jules writes a blog called “An Attitude of Gratitude”. Today she wrote about walking in the Evansville, IN Arthritis Walk along with her Dad and puppies. Congrats Jules!! I am proud of you. Be sure to let us know when your next work is taking place.
   Time to start another day. The first little chore I have is to get MissDazey awake and dressed. The second is to help her outline and find content for new pages on her blogs. She started a new one on Elder Generation, click here please to see it. My work it never done, but I’m good at what I do.

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  1. Hi MissRose!!! Glad to meet you. Please send my regards to MissDazey. :)


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