Saturday, May 8, 2010

Keep In Touch With Old Friends

   I had an experience yesterday that reminded me that friends are precious and life is too short. It also made me remember to update my “just in case” contact lists and instructions. There are three wonderful women in my life that I call my substitute Mothers. (My own Mother passed away 20 years ago.) Each of the ladies are in the 80’s, but no one would think they were a day older than 60.
  Mary is a very independent woman and had lived alone for almost 30 years. One of her son’s lives in Kansas, the other in Arkansas, and they came in every few weeks to check on her and complete her “honey-do” list. She and I met when we worked together over 26 years ago. I am sorry to say that I hadn’t call or visited her regularly the last couple of years. In fact, the last time I went by her house the doors were wide open, no one answered. Also, she was beginning to be confused in phone calls. That’s not an excuse, just explanation.
  Yesterday when we went by to get my Mother Day hugs, the house was empty with a for-sale sign in front. It was so sad, I have spent many an hour in that adorable little house, and Mary had always been there for me during good and bad times. I feared that she had died and I didn’t know it. I was upset I hadn’t contacted her since Christmas. The good news I am happy to report she has moved to Kansas living with a son. I was able to locate a phone number online for the other son.
  Here’s the point of my story: Does someone know who you want noticed in life changes occur? Also, phone numbers and/or email addresses for your contacts? I hope that this information is up to date and where it can be found. Bruce and I have a large family, yet no one is involved with our day-to-day activities. I’ve made sure my daughter knows where wills, legal papers etc are kept. She also knows there is a list of people to contact, “just in case”. Now I must make sure to update it on timely bases, hopefully many, many times.

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