Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clean Sheet of Paper

    Remember when we were in grade school and the first thing our teacher said to do was to write our names at the top of the page? When I wrote Linda on a clean sheet of notebook paper or a test that meant it and all the words written belonged to me, Linda. It meant I alone was responsible for what was written. Of course, teachers gave me grades based on what I wrote.   
   Last night while twittering, reading blogs, answering email this thought came to me—I need to start over with a clean sheet of paper, and put my name on the top. First, I must give credit to two very sharp, young bloggers who gave me new ideas. Becky reminds people to make a plan at night for the next day. She suggests writing down six priorities, with a plan for accomplishing them. Lisa shares her positive way of life as she deals with RA and MS. She is very encouraging, reminding us that even with those challenges, life is good. She reminded her readers weight lost is possible. (That is my biggest challenge now.)

Here goes.

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  1. Ah, Miss Dazey, this is an excellent way to live. The "dieting" part is so wise -- and it's absolutely true. Eating mindfully -- with good nutrition and smaller portions -- works. It's slow, which is why it's not as popular as all the lose-weight-fast diets out there, but the weight GAIN is slow, too. Just stick with it, do a little research, and don't give up. One "bad" meal doesn't mean failure. You just have to make the next meal a "good" one. But you know all that already. I'm preaching to the choir. ;)

    I'd add ONE more thing to your list: 5) Don't sweat it if you can't do everything on your list every day. Enjoy each day for what it is. Look for the gifts life offers and be joyful.

    Best to you,


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