Monday, April 19, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop

     No, I'm not having cereal for breakfast; I am trying to get awake and moving. Anyone with various joints ailments know the familiar sound of popping ever so often. Unfortunately, some of us hear those sounds too often. This past week I have been hearing a concert of sorts any time I move.
   Neck is particular musical lately; I’ve decided it’s the rhythm section. It seems to crackle any time I move it. Perhaps it could slow down it’s tempo a bit. I had a new MRI on my neck a few months ago, that showed only slight change or damage. This surprised me since my neck and head hurts worst.
   POP! The big bass drum sound, followed by the snare drums came in right in time with the music last week. My right knee went out of place, and it extremely inflamed. I am not supposed to take Aleve, however I did take a couple last week since Aleve does help me with pain and inflammation. Saturday night I noticed my right knee was swollen so badly it had turned purple. Gee, now I have both a musical and a colorful knee.
   OK, attention all joints and muscles: SNAP out of it. I am taking you all with me to Tunica, MS next week. I am not missing Shirley’s birthday party. You all might as well accept that and play another tune. Maybe some old fashion harmony, something I can sing along with and enjoy myself. (I know the complaining and whining I do sound awful and off-key.) I am taking the walker and will probably also rent a wheelchair when we are at Harrah’s casino. It’s a huge place with too much walking. Paula Deen’s buffet is upstairs.
   Meanwhile, if it’s all the same, could you guys in my personal arthritis band lower you volume? I have heard enough from you lately.


  1. I love the musical analogy, Miss Dazey. And yes, I think most of us out here in the blogosphere know the parts of the RA symphony. I love your sense of humor and your determination not to have the brass section slow you down.

    Here's hoping you have a really good day today, with a minimum of pain and a maximum of laughter. Be well!

  2. Wren,
    I learned many years ago to laugh at things when I can. I try to be quiet or at least keep away from others when I can't. Those who know me in person know I laugh and sing most of the time.

    How are things in your world? Cheery I trust.


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