Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taking One Day at a Time

   One of the good things with most people with various arthritis or RA things it how slowly things progress. At least for me, it's been a gradual thing, no overnight emergencies. Also arthritis and RA are not exciting ailments, so many millions of people share them, and it’s hard to be unique when telling about “me”.
   This week I had to visit my primary doctor’s office to have my BP checked and get a new prescription. I saw my wonderful nurse practitioner, Kay. She had a student working with her, just tagging along. Poor Kay, all she had to talk about was my low vitamin D and calcium levels. She went on and on. The whole time I sat there is so much pain I wanted to cry. Arthritis is my problem, not general stuff. The only excitement of the hour was when they helped my off the exam table and I lost my balance. Also, when my knees both buckled and I yelled. Poor young nurses thought I had fallen.
   I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist the last of April. All the other doctors have dismissed me. I am very perplexed, does that mean they don’t like me or there is no reason for me to see them.
   Well, dear venting blog, nothing more to write today. Talk to you later.

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