Monday, March 29, 2010

MissRose Writes Again


   MissRose here, I’m filling in for the lazy MissDazey. I declare, she writes page after page of “stuff” every day, yet neglects her blogs. I asked her once about that and she answered, “People don’t want to read what I write and I am basically a private person”. (Oh, really, then why are you on Twitter so much?) I personally think it’s because she doesn’t spell words correctly, uses bad grammar, and uses the excuse of not feeling well. No, matter because today I’m writing for her. First, I’d better warn everyone that some of the tales might embarrass guys. Also, this is supposed to be funny, so giggle along with me.
   For over a year now MissDazey has been on hydrocortisone. While she knows that she would not be walking without it, it has caused some other problems. Weight gain is the worst. In the past year, MissDazey has gone up four sizes. This meant getting new clothes although just basic knit pants and t-shirts for the most part from Bon Worth. Of course, she had to get new undies. First, she looked online, but decided it was silly to pay s/h. She went into Kohl’s, looked until she found the women’s sizes. Gee, none of the granny panties are pretty or sexy. She finally picked up a couple of packages, vowing to order Delta Burke ones from eBay.
   MissDazey has overcome several challenges this year, however none as big as her bra one. (No pun intended) Frankly, she can’t find one to fit because she doesn’t know what size she is. Also, she can’t fasten the hooks with one hand any more. One day while reading blogs someone mentioned sports bras. Of course, that’s the answer, except the dear lady couldn’t get it on by putting in on over her head. The silly thing curled up into one huge rubber band, nearing squishing her breathe off. Next time she learned to step into it. For the most part this is working OK, except that the “cup” part keeps creeping up.
   MissDazey has taken the wheelchair on the last couple of casino trips. Bruce is getting better about pushing it and not hitting the walls or other people. She has a mobility scooter picked out, but will have to wait until they get a different vehicle to haul it.
   Let’s see, what else has MissDazey been up this winter? She has stopped getting so upset that Bruce has to do extra for her. She’s started laughing and whistling again now that it’s warmer and the sun is shining more. Also, I am encouraging her to relax and rock on the porch. No one can be depressed sitting in a rocker watching the song birds. Can you?

This is me MissRose enjoying the afternoon sun.

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  1. Well, listening to song birds while sitting in a rocker sure wouldn't depress me -- but those dang sports bras sure used to. I laughed out loud at your description, Miss Rose, because I've been there/done that.

    Here's hoping Miss Daisy continues to feel better as spring progresses and summer approaches. Thanks for bringing us up to date about her. We wondered how she was doing.


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