Monday, February 15, 2010

The Saga Goes On

    I used to call this blog Arthritis Journey, but have since changed it to a personal venting journal. Whatever the name, this certainty has turned into a saga. 
  Last month I wrote in this journal about another visit to a doctor and being told I needed a temporal artery biopsy. For me that was quite a decision and I took over 2 weeks to decide. I read everything I could online, although as I have often said, don't understand medical stuff at all. I did learn this is a very simple procedure, people rarely have temporal arteritis. I am convinced that no doctor is going to do any other treatments until I have this done.   
  I met with Dr. W. who is a general surgeon last Tuesday. He is well known in our area and the perfect person for me. He is relaxed, made Bruce and I relaxed, explained everything in detail, and answered many questions.
  I learned I was right, it is a simple biopsy done with a local. It is done in the out patient area of hospital so he can get results from lab quickly. Seems he will do one side, have that checked. If nothing shows, he does the second side. They will take a 2 inch section of my temporal artery.
  Why am I nervous? I have such a phobia for all things medical. Silly, isn't it? Dr. W said 85% of the time the results are negative. I have no doubts at all mine will be also. So dear journal, I'll be back with my plan B after Wednesday.


  1. Will be thinking of you. These things are usually much more terrifying to think about than they are while they are actually happening.

  2. Of course you have a phobia!

    Dr. Spock
    Dr. Killjoy
    Dr. Frankenstein
    Dr. Jekyll
    Dr. Ruth

    Hopefully, Dr. W is a little different! Hang in there, Daisy.



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