Monday, January 11, 2010

Physiatry, Update #2

Update #2 This saga is getting sillier and more tiresome. Thursday the nurse from Dr. C's office called to tell me the results of my x-rays..nothing remarkable. Then she said the Dr wanted to know what I wanted to do about the blood tests. What were my suggestions? My suggestions? I hadn't a clue and told I didn't know and lets just forget it.
   About an hour later Dr. C himself calls. Now he thinks I should see a Neurologist. I agreed, not wanting to go. Bruce said they have to cover their a....s. This definitely a "oh, bother" time.

Update: I have been watching the news from Haiti and thinking about nothing else for 2 days. We are so forunate to have the wonder medical care in the USA.

I will write more about doctors visit. Want to remember this. New doctor order tests. Results: They couldn't get a tiny tube of blood, after 3 hours, 2 labs, 7 different techs, 8 sticks. I'm exhausted

Physiatry is what the new doctor specializes in. Not sure what he will do. I filled out 6 pages of pre-registrations folds. Will add more tomorrow.

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