Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MissDazey's Notes 01/05/2010

   I just gave MissRose a hug for supporting me through the past few months. I have not been the easiest person to be around, especially on bad days. My hope is by keeping a journal I will not keep so much bottled up inside, that this will be a safe place to vent. Positive venting without hurting someone else.
   Last week I read the most honest blog about feelings while dealing with chronic illnesses. The blog is called “Brass and Ivory”, written by Lisa. A week or so ago, Lisa wrote a blog post about fear and changes. She told that she loathes some of the changes she has had with no control over them. However, she has a marvelous positive attitude. 
   I LOATH MYSELF. Whew, I said that aloud. Never have I ever been so ashamed of how I look. I cannot believe that I weigh this much in my late sixties. I used to be tiny, pretty, and able to dress up and feel pretty. Now I am ashamed to be seen in public. I have gained 4 full sizes in a year.
   Another thing I need to be honest about it how much I LOATH the pain I am in 24/7. I hate not being able to do the simplest little thing. Like standing, walking, bending, or holding a book.
   OK, dear journal,I have whined enough. I keep promising myself I’ll write a series of blogs about whining, never liked whiners. I think it’s a good thing to end each blog story on a upbeat note:
*The sun is shining very brightly
*Bruce is waiting for me to watch TV with him
*Bruce was home to pick up the box of spaghetti I dropped and that went all over the kitchen. Uncooked,   thank-goodness.
*I have had fun twittering today, as I do every day
*MissRose and Bruce give good hugs

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