Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Confused in Missouri

Talking to myself again.
    Went to see my primary care doctor, Dr. D, this morning and came away angry, confused, and in tears. The tears have stopped, I'm very embarrassed about the anger, but still so very, very confused. Also, feeling more alone in life and big decisions than I've felt in years.
    A couple of years ago my Rheumatologist moved his practise. Last year I started going to the pain clinic instead, was getting good results from Dr. B. In December he thought I should see another specialist for tests. That led to the spending a half day in 2 different labs trying to get blood tests. After seven different technicians and 8 sticks they gave up. Bottom line, both doctors are insisting I see a Rheumatologist again.
    I got called into Dr. D's office today. Now they want to do a Temporal Artery Biopsy. What the heck is that? I came home and have done some research. I only understand a small portion of the many, many pages I found. Part of it scared me, most I thought was overkill. The only treatment mentioned was Corticosteriods. I take hydrocortisone now..shouldn't that be enough.


  1. I am sorry to hear that, Daisy!

    Have you considered using a homopathic doctor? I gave up on the "drug pushers" years ago.

    Seemed all they ever did was prescribe mecicines and treatments that didn't help or CURE what they didn't understand to begin with.

    The success that we've had with homapathic remedys and our doctor (when necessary) has been more than notaable.

    Anyway, sure hope it works out for you and that you don't add stress to your already complications.


  2. Can you please correct all my typos! LOL I am typing over a graphics tablet - I should move the dang thing first, I know.

  3. Egad, how frustrating. I hope things get straighten out!

  4. Thanks for visiting and your comments.It is helpful to me to have a place online to vent and also to know online friends listen.



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