Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vitamin D and Me

I am seriously thinking of moving to a sunny tropical island and doing nothing. I have the doing nothing part down now, but not the sun part. It started raining and turning colder here in SW Missouri Saturday and it's still at it. I have a feeling it's going to be a long, long winter.

I had my routine visit with Miss Kay, my very kind Nurse Practitioner yesterday to go over some tests results, that were even more the point of being boring. I cannot understand any of that, even though she is patience and lets me ask questions. I think my phobia of all things medical takes over my brain and hearing.

I'd had my bone density done a couple of weeks ago. About all could understand was my "number" has changed from -3 to -3.3 in 2 years. She warned me not to fall or I might break something. OK, I won't.

Another set of numbers that had gone down was my vitamin D levels. She prescribed eight weeks of mega-doses of vitamin D, one caplet per week. I have been reading articles online about the benefits of vitamin D, some by experts, most just fillers pieces by writers needing copy. (Plus many by people trying to sell me something.) One thing mentioned is vitamin D helps with fatigue, boy do I hope so. Another benefit was helping with the winter blues, SAD. Another big I hope so, that is a huge problem many of my dearest friends and myself. This picture is me in the winter time.
This morning I read a couple of articles on the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic sites, plus comments from other readers. After that my "numbers" didn't seem bad at all, in fact good. Very good considering I can't eat seafood or take fish oil, am rarely outside to soak up the sun, and forgetful about taking my vitamin supplements. (shh..don't tell on me)

Next time MissRose has a LONG story to tell about curly hair. That MissRose, she get carried away sometimes and writes too long of blogs.


  1. I am on the high dose vitamin D regiment currently. Living up North does a number on you with the lack of sunlight, especially in the winter. My husband and I would plan a trip to the Caribbean in February or March just to get some sun.

    Hope you go. A little sun and relaxing does a body good!

  2. I'm also on Vit. D supplements -- a huge dose once a week, and a smaller one daily. Going for a bone density scan in early Dec. And here's the strange thing: I live in northern California. There's plenty of sun, just about year 'round. But I'm your opposite, Ms. Dazey. I love fall and wintertime, and cold weather, rain and snow. And that's in spite of rheumatoid arthritis. I know -- go figure! I think I have low Vit. D levels because of the RA drugs I take, which make me photosensitive. When I'm outside, I almost always rub sunscreen with a high SPF number into any exposed skin, and I wear a hat.

    ANYway. I hope the Vit. D will help you get through the winter without being too SAD. I like to see it as a good resting time for all the natural beauty we enjoy during the other three seasons.



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