Monday, November 2, 2009

A Report from MissRose

Hello everyone, I’m so happy you stopped by for a visit. I really, really needed someone to talk to today.

As most of you know, I have taken on the special assignment of being a coach for MissDazey. Little ole me, MissRose is suppose to encourage her to eat correctly, change some bad habits, and be more active. Mercy, it would take three of me to do all that. She’s quite stubborn and set in her ways, you know.

Take her cookie obsession for incidence. Yes, obsession is the correct word since MissDazey can live on cookies. I suggested that she should eat only one at a time instead of three. I didn’t want to watch her going through cookie withdrawals. That worked until yesterday when she ate four with peanut butter at once and called it supper. Then there is the apple pie meal; when she and Bruce ate out Saturday all she had was apple pie. She claimed the apples were one of her daily fruits and the crust bread. She also brought a whole apple pie home, which she did share with Bruce.

I do have one positive thing to report. She doesn’t fuss with me when I remind her to get up and walk around every little bit. As I understand it, MissDazey needs to move every little bit to keep her pain level in her hips and pelvic under control. (I am not on duty at night, but I heard her tell Bruce she can’t sleep well now that those joints are going out) Moving around also helps relieve the numbness in her legs, arms, hands, etc.

I heard rumors that Bruce and MissDazey might be moving to a condominium that is on one floor. I am hoping this is true; I am tired of going up and down the stairs myself.


PS: I’ll be back often to give everyone updates. By the way, I am having a terrible time giving this blog post to look right. Maybe it's me, I'm new at this writing stuff.

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  1. Cookies really are hard to give up, MissRose, so be patient and gentle with MissDazey. As for the apple pie, well, perhaps a suggestion that she also include a little protein for the day? Keep at her, dear. She'll get it, hopefully sooner than later.

    Wish her luck regarding the possible move, will you? Stairs can be a real b**ch. ;o)



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