Friday, November 13, 2009

Cute Doctor Just Got Cuter

I had an appointment today at the CoxHealth "The Center for Advanced Pain Management." (I have decided that it has a long name so they can charge more.)  I see Dr. Brooks there, I call him my cutie doctor. He has grown a beard since I have seen him, makes him cuter than ever. I'll tried to get Bruce to grow a beard or mustache, he will not think of it. 

The doctor visit didn't go as I had expected, thought he would simply schedule shot in back. Instead, he called a neurosurgeon and asked him some questions. They are setting up a MRI for my neck. Guess they have to cover their bases. I personally think that is over kill. The last time I had an MRI on my neck was 2 years ago and that didn't show much to be concerned about. I have to admit the general, extremely troublesome numbest is worst and I am not functioning at too high of a level. I blame that on being lazy.

What to do is a puzzlement, which joint gets attention first? Do I have to give in and start pain pills? No, I won't do that, I will not! One of my biggest challenges now continues to be the weight..but that subject makes me cry. Let's not talk about that, OK?

I asked Bruce to go back with me so we could both hear what Dr. Cutie said. He hates doing it, but it. While we were waiting we looked at all the ads from vendors that were in the room. A couple were for spinal cord stimulators, the kind that Jerry Lewis has now. It was interesting, although I couldn't understand most of the big words. Altogether there were 6 different vendors marketing material in the exam room. Yes, it was all disguised as tools for the doctors to explain things, like charts, models of spines, etc. To me they were ads..plain and simple. I told Bruce they should charge less since we were having to see ads.


  1. You crack me up! I have a blog you can check out if you want. The title is edgy, but its meant to be eyecatching. I think you'll get if you check it out. In the meantime, I'm reading through your old posts. :)

    - RA SB


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