Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog closing

I raised 5 of the hardest working kids ever. They were raised like my first husband and I were; the whole family worked at whatever chores needed to be done.

John was a poor farm kid, started milking cows at 5. He had 7 brothers and sisters, all worked hard. When John was about 13 or so, his brother Charles took polio, spent the rest of his life in an iron lung. The whole family devoted their lives, time, and resources to Charles. So I am aware of children taking on responsibilities. Sometimes they just need to be kids, not caregivers 24/7.

My family was not dirt poor but we all did our share of work. When my boys were very young they went off to work with their dad, a bricklayer in business for himself. I can still see my little guys carrying bricks and mud. My daughter was the oldest of the kids, she did everything at an early age.

I am so proud of my adult children ages 49-42 years. While I was not a good mother, in my opinion my kids are perfect. (Of course, they have their short comings, so do I) Two of the boys are in construction. Alan is a foreman for one of Springfield's top builders. Randy is a mason who like his Dad has ran his own company as well as worked for others.  The youngest son, Terry, is a computer programmer, whiz kid type who by the way worked his way through college. Jim is with AT&T in SC. Jonya is the IT Help Desk Manager, SELCO  (MN state library. She got her degree online while working full time several years ago.)

Now what does this have to do with my arthritis journey. They, along with their spouses and their children, are all part of who I am. I love them. I love Bruce more than life it's self. We are not a close family, but I dare say we are always there for one another, in good times and bad.

I am deleting this blog in a week or two. Before I do, I want to express how very, very much I have appreciated my readers. I need to move on now, but before I did I wanted people to meet my family.

They are who I am, not arthritis or RA.

God Bless!


  1. Whoa! I am so sorry to see you go! I hope you will stop by my blog from time to time.

    It is true that RA does not define who we are. I think so many people see themselves as the illness rather than the illness being just a small part of their life.

    I wish you the best in all you do. Hugs.

  2. I'll miss your blog. Hope to "see" you around. God Bless!



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