Thursday, October 8, 2009


I watch a lots of sports on TV, I mean a lot. During a football or basketball game I aways yell at the coach or managers when there is a time-out with less than a minute to play. "What can be done in a few seconds, they are interrupting the flow of the plays" Sometimes the time-outs work, sometime not.

I have met the nicest people via blogs and twitter. Thanks to you all. I do hope all of you will stay in connect with me via email or twitter. or (I discovered I have both of these emails posted on blogs.)

I am taking a TIME-OUT from all blogs, discussion groups, informational sites and magazines on the subject of arthritis, RA, etc. I am putting this blog on hold.

We welcomed a new great grandson this week. Today Bruce is attending funeral services for a long time friend to say good-bye. Bruce commented that his friend and he are the same age and that one never knows what life has in store. I have done some soul searching and know my darling needs my time and attention. I have been rather down and negative for months, it hasn't seemed to have helped my various aches and pains. Now is the time to put a more cheerful spin in my world.

May each of you have a HAPPY, POSITIVE WORLD today and every day that follows.


  1. I will pray for you. And you take what time you need. We will be here when you get back. Maybe I will come join you...

  2. Take your time, but do come back when you can! I'm struggling with my RA and Fibro during this fall season - it's pretty rough some days.
    Turtlemom (Elizabeth)
    Turtle Rock

  3. Elizabeth, I could not get on the turtlemom3 wordpress blog. Please send me am email to Thanks!


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