Monday, September 21, 2009

When Others Are Sick

My entire life I am been one who truly cares for people. When I hear someone is sick I am always sorry and wish them to get well quickly. The older I am, the more my friends and family are sick, some quite seriously. I have noticed my reactions are getting calmer also. I was sad when I heard a sister-in-law recently found cancer. I have accepted the fact that an 86-year-old friend is having severe dementia. Another friend has failing kidneys. I care, but consider that part of life’s challenges.

Yesterday Bruce went to a family gathering to celebrate our great-grand nephew’s 2nd birthday. When he got home instead of first telling me about the fun, he said, “Michael has RA.” He went on to tell that our 50-year-old nephew had been having difficulties moving and went to a doctor right away. He was quickly ran through the normal tests and diagnosed with RA. He is taking his meds and is doing OK with them.

For some reason this news shocked and upset me more than it should. Finally, I said, “I feel so sorry for him. Are they sure, could the doctors be mistaken?” I caught myself thinking of Michael all evening. I have RA, and I can relate to it. I truly have empathy for him and his family.

When Michael was telling Bruce about all of this he commented, “Now I can understand what Linda is dealing with.” He even understood the weight gain from prednisone.

I would not wish RA, OA, etc on anyone no more than I would wish cancer or a cold. However, a tiny little part of me was glad someone else in the family understands.

OK, enough being serious, let’s talk about a cute little boy name Noah and his 2nd birthday party. Bruce said he never saw so many gifts piled around a little guy. His grandpa Charlie got him a set of golf clubs, real ones that were sized for him. Grandpa took him to the golf course to try them out. I suspect Grandpa just wanted to show Noah off to his golfing friends.

Speaking of great-grand kids, we are not so patiently waiting for the phone call to tell us our first one has arrived.

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