Monday, September 7, 2009

Wheeling MissDazey

A couple of months ago when my left knee was totally messed up and I couldn’t walk, I bought a wheelchair. I found this great brand new one on eBay at an excellent price, one of the reasons I bought now. It was about half what a local store sells them. We had used this brand and model at the doctor’s office so knew how easily it handles. Especially when someone else was doing the pushing and I was just riding.

It has been sitting in our living room for a month. After the second cortisone shot in my knee, I have been walking short distances OK, no need to be wheeled about. I practiced with it a couple of times in the house. One time I almost went down the stairs to the lower level before I could get it stopped. The other time I bumped into the furniture several times trying to get the thing to turn.

This coming Thursday we are going to KC for a couple of days so I decided I needed to practice using the wheelchair. We are staying at the Ameristar Casino, a rather large casino and hotel with lots and lots of walking or in my case “wheeling.” Also, we are going to visit the WWI Memorial and Museum, again plenty of walking. So I had Bruce get the chair down the step into the garage but I’d take it from there.

Right!! I sat down, gave the handholds a big push and off I went. Straight down our long sloping driveway at what seemed like a too fast of a speed. I managed some way to stop by dragging my feet. OK, let’s try this again. This time a rock curb stopped me. By now, I was at the bottom of the incline, so I got out and pushed the chair up to the widest and semi-level area.

Maybe I should just try making turns I thought. After quite a few attempts, I decided that was definitely something that can be learned over time. My biggest problem is I have no strength in my shoulders and arms, plus it hurt. I admit I didn’t spend too much time on my first “spin” with the chair.

When I came back into the house, I announced to Bruce he would just have to push me around this week. It’s either that or I will take my rolling walker. He said, “Make up your mind, can’t take them both.” I was hoping he would decide for me because I haven’t a clue which to take.

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  1. I hope you have a grand time on your trip.
    I would take the rolling wlaker until you get expert at using the wheelchair. :)

    I read your comment on Time Goes By and thought I would stop by and say howdy.


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