Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's Bugging Me?

First I want to tell about what is bugging Bruce, a spider. Saturday night he knocked a big white spider off his shirt but didn’t think anything more about it. About midnight he started burning and itching all over, but still couldn’t see a bite. Early Sunday morning he was very sick with extremely low BP, slight temperature, and dizzy, but still no bite showing. He did call his doctor who thought it sounded like inner ear. By Monday morning, the nasty bite area was swollen big time and redness up and down his whole body. He went to see the doctor who prescribed antibiotics and 3 days of Prednisone. I am happy to report he is feeling much, much better.

OK, I know that the following isn’t funny to anyone but me, still I am laughing. We in the arthritis world all know how Prednisone will make one eat. This morning he was eating everything in sight, after only one pill. Of course, he will only take it for 3 days and won’t gain weight. He doesn’t understand or like my eating or weight gain; I had to tease him today.

Now for my “this bugs me” story. Thankfully not real live bugs, but annoyances. This morning it was cool enough that I turned on the little heater. That made me realize winter will come again and how much the cold bothers my joints. Plus I have no winter clothes. Oh, guess that’s OK because I will just shop online for new ones. My new computer is on backorder, that’s disappointing, but not bugging me.

Sunday when I was trying to get Bruce to go to Urgent Care, I was in a panic that I would have to drive (Or call an ambulance. He was insisting not to do that.) We have decided I will go out and practice so that I can at least get him to a doctor in extreme emergencies. No family live close enough now to rely on, but I know they would come ASAP. I have calmed down, have a plan of action so that’s not bugging me.

Oh my, this one should be bugging me…my neck is cracking and popping every time I move it. Add that to my constant numbness, the right side of my head in pain, etc. Boy, I can complain about that. Can I? No, while this has been getting worst for 3 years I have learned to live with it. Can’t do anything about it, so why let it bug me. Same with the other laundry list of “woe is me” RA and OA aches and pains, especially the mental confusion. (Yes, I am saying the “Serenity Prayer” repeatedly.)

So what is bugging me right now? That I have nothing to write about that is bugging me.


  1. Wanna hear a funny story about bugs? Well, having ventured into the jungle for the first time in my life this past weekend, I learned more than I ever hoped to now about bug bites! I still don't know what type of bugs/insects they were as they were so tiny you couldn't even see them - but they left little bites all over your body. Sort of like a mosquito bite, except that a tiny drop of blood remains instead of a welt.

    The falling day everyone else was itching like crazy. Luckily I have so many anti-inflammatories in my system that I had no itching/scratching at all.

    I actually feel sorry for the litter critters who chose me as a victim...with all my RA drugs, they probably dropped dead in a matter of seconds!

  2. RA-Guy,
    First, how brave to go into the wild, couldn't get me there at all.
    You're right, the little critters probably were sorry they chose you to bite instead of your friends. Thanks for sharing the story.


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