Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't Quit

Good morning World, I hope everyone is smiling and expecting a good day. I am.

Please click here to see the most beautiful presentation of the old poem, "Don't Quit". Then come back and read the rest of the story.

The Rest of the Story:
I would not have said that yesterday. in fact I would have probably bite your head off if you said hello to me. It rained all day yesterday, no sun, and the temperatures were in the 60's. That mean the house was cooler, my aches and pains worst, and my mood was bad. Also, it was one of those days that I teared up over everything.

I called a dear friend around noon and that cheered me up some. (aren't good friends great?) Bruce brought me ice-cream, my number one "feel good" food. Still I was sad, mad, and not glad. I wanted to QUIT! Quit, but sure wished I felt better. Finally I came upstairs and played solitaire for an hour. (not why I spent money for a new computer, but that's all I could think to do.)

I decided to read some blog posts at random before going to bed and came across the old poem "Don't Quit". I sat and literally cried for several minutes. I used to have a copy of the poem that I carried everywhere and read often. I did a search and found the most wonderful presentation of the Don't Quit poem. Please click here.

This was one of those wonderful, timely God Winks that pop up when I need them the most. May each of you have your special God Winks this week.

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