Friday, August 7, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I have been sitting here staring at the computer screen for several minutes now. I think I am hoping the Blog Fairy will swoop in and type something brilliant. Maybe she took the night off to “Twitter.” Speaking of Twitter, here are some of my tweets on the arthritis front. By the way, I can be found here,

BellaOnline's Disabilities has new editor. She has some great information in the articles.

First Street has lifestyle solutions for Boomers & Beyond. #arthritis

Bought new wheelchair on eBay. I hope it sets in the garage & collects dust from non-use. Would mean I am walking & traveling well #arthritis

This one was followed by this tweet @GrammarGirl Do I want my wheelchair to sit or set in garage collecting dust?

I have read blogs this week that so many of your write. Sometimes I comment, most times don’t. I know that each of you is on your own journey with arthritis and/or RA. I hope your paths are free from stress today and tomorrow will be filled with sunshine to warm your aching joints.

David Shuey will finish his bike ride across America tomorrow to raise awareness for Arthritis. He is astonishing!! Not only did he ride his bike every day, he wrote the most detailed, informative blog posts. Many people, including me, hope he puts this adventure into a book.

I have a good week with not much to talk about, no big complains at all. I must be feeling better since Bruce is not waiting on me. Gee, I even loaded the dishwasher tonight.

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