Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have been reading the most delightful story on RA Warrior’s Blog this week. In case anyone has missed the three-part story, please go back and read it. Be sure and start on chapter one. She described it on Twitter this way:

Exciting summer read for RA Warriors. Enjoy this story of mystery, character, & overcoming adversity-this week’s blog

I know I am giving the plot away, but I want to discuss Bruce and his interest in Robert E Lee. Bruce’s paternal Grandmother was a Lee. Bruce grew up with stories about them being from “The Virginia Lee’s.” Of course, little boys believe anything and he was convinced he was descended from Robert E Lee himself. After Bruce did his genealogy, a few years back he has decided he and Robert shared an “uncle” several times removed. However, Bruce loves all things Civil War, especially President Lincoln and Robert E Lee. On a trip to Virginia a few years ago, we visited Washington and Lee University to see where Lee was buried. Also, we visited Arlington Cemetery. Bruce was disappointed the Lee House was closed for renovation. He was hoping to see a picture of the “uncle” that his dad had shown him 50 years ago during a visit to Arlington.

I do not know if Bruce is related to Robert E Lee or not, but I do know one thing they have in common. That is STRENGTH. They both have strength of character, strength of morals, and a gentle, kind strength of taking care of an ailing wife. (Bruce was his first wife’s caretaker before her death.) Bruce takes care of me in dozens of big and little ways everyday. He opens bottles and doors, he drives me to the door when we are out, and he does the housework. But more importantly, he gives me strength to make it through the bad days. He is my rock!

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