Saturday, July 18, 2009

Put Your Left Knee In

Put your left knee out, do the hokey pokey, and turn yourself about.

We heard that old song on XM Radio while traveling a couple of weeks ago. That is how I been feeling for two weeks dealing with a very bad knee. Except that sometimes when I want to go one way, my left knee buckles and goes the opposite way. Then my right ankle decides to play the game too and buckles. It has had a mind of its own for a couple of years now.

Yesterday I saw my nice, kind pain doctor, Dr. B. Bruce went in a got a wheelchair and went back into the exam room with me. I felt just like a princess to get so much attention. Dr. B answered some questions, suggested we try shots in the knee first. If that does not relieve the pain, then I’m to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. (Fine with me, I’m tired of not being able to walk) Other than answering a couple of my questions about the hydrocortisone and Bruce discussing how much I ate and my weight gain, it was shot time.

The pain clinic is set up like an outpatient of CoxHealth. (Thus, expensive, hoping Medicare and Humana pays most) This procedure is done under fluoroscope, 2 quick jabs, and then 10 minutes in the recovery area. I was told it takes 48 hours to see relief; in fact, pain might be worst. Boy was that right.

Our next stop was at the FDC to get a blood test before my visit with NP Kay next week. I have very bad veins and it’s not easy to draw blood. The first tech tried several times, no luck. Another tech tried and had no luck. Finally, I suggested warming the tops of my hands to see if a vein would pop up. Success and it only took 40 minutes. Other patients came and went as Bruce patiently waited.

Guess that’s enough to write today. By the way, I can think of blog topics one right after another about 2am, but they go completely out of my mind by morning. Since this is a coping thing, guess I have been coping OK.

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