Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Can Cope

I can cope, I will cope, now repeat that 10 times. Deep breathe, now things are better. I have had a tiring day, not serious but tiring.

I have mentioned I don’t like going to a doctor. I had a routine check-up at the doctors today, I see a very kind NP, Kay. It seems that my lab test showed a bit of kidney problem. The retaining of fluids is a combination of that and the RA/OA. That also adds to the chronic exhaustion and pain. She thinks it’s the Aleve, although I don’t take more that 2 or 3 a week. I have another thought, but what do I know? Actually, this is all very normal and routine.

While there, Kay asked about taking stronger pain meds. No Kay, no drugs. Expensive meds for RA? No, again. The damage had been done years ago; I’m not going through that. One thing I don’t like, having to convince medical people that that drugs aren’t the only answer. Bruce says they are just doing their jobs as they are trained. Still can’t walk, so I am calling for an appointment at the orthopedic doctor in a day or two.

It’s good for me to go to the clinic ever so often, it gives me a different perceptive. At home I whine and carry on, woe is me. At FDC there other old people using wheel chairs, walkers, oxygen, etc. I see really sick people, makes me thankful I am only in pain and not terminal. I overheard a very feeble woman in the dressing room in X-ray need help to dress. Gee, I can at least dress myself. So I came home exhausted but knowing I am blessed with good health.

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