Thursday, July 23, 2009

Help Wanted

I have had to hang out the "Help Wanted" sign out again this week. Fortunately, it didn't take long for my first and only applicant to come running. He is very qualified and works cheap. I am afraid I will overwork the poor man. I need to think twice before asking him to do the simple things, like getting me a glass of water.

Bruce and I are discussing ways to make the house more Linda friendly. The stairs are a big challenge. It doesn't seem practical to install a lift on the stairs when we need to move into a single level house. We should have done that 5 years ago. We are going to get an estimate on redoing the bathrooms. (again should have been done before)

I think one of the things that is bugging me the most about needing help is the fact I can't return the favor. I am a big believer in the Golden Rule. Seems I am only practicing one part of unto me.

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  1. Well said.
    I know it is uncomfortable.
    But, I think God also commands the strong to care for the weak or sick.


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